Pre Manufactured Homes

Difference between Mobile and Manufactured Homes

Pre Manufactured Homes
Mobile And Manufactured Homes

Even though they are two different concepts altogether, people use them interchangeably in mundane lives. The term mobile homes are a pre-1976 notion, as the HUD codes of 1976 resulted in the coined term manufactured home. Below is explaining the two concepts that paved the cornerstones for the home manufacturing.

The HUD Codes

The National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 provided the base for the modern day HUD codes. It was in the year 1976, when manufactured homes started getting regulated by federal governance. The codes do make mobile and manufactured homes fundamentally different from each other, especially in terms of quality. In fact, design, construction, transportation, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and HVAC system differ in mobile and manufactured homes as per the HUD norms.

Date of Manufacture

The concept of mobile homes actually dates back to the year 1920. Trailers were the first kind of mobile home to have towed on wheels. In the 1930’s factories began mass production of trailers borrowing automobiles assembly line concept. Since the 1950’s onward, the term mobile homes started gaining traction. The wheels remained intact and the Vehicle Identification Number denoted the date of manufacture of the mobile home.

Usage of Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes

The contemporary tiny homes are also built to strict HUD standards, renowned for self-sufficiency attributes. The manufactured home financing was like car loans before 1976. The traditional home loans are provided even for the HUD governed tiny home. Again, these notions are immersed deeply in the public perception.

The Common Process

Mobile homeowners use the term trailer parks to conveniently pronounce individual trailers. There is little to none difference in the building assembly method: manufactured and assembled in a controlled factory setting.

Forty years on, the HUD norms and transported way of assembly are still used on manufactured homes for sale. In fact, transportation is virtually inevitable both for the HUD as well as for the module-rich tiny home. The less the width of the home, the easier would be the transportation.