How Manufactured Home Plumbing Differs From that of Site-Built Homes

There are a few significant differences in the plumbing systems of the best manufactured homes and the best site-built homes. The methods of construction for manufactured homes causes these differences. Home builders do not construct mobile and manufactured homes to the same standards as the site-built homes. This is because manufactured home construction has its […]

Manufactured Housing Trend in the United States

Best Manufactured Homes
Manufactured Housing Trend

Since the inception of pre manufactured homes half a century ago, almost all aspects of small manufactured homes have improved. This has resulted in considerable reduction of manufactured homes prices. Housing experts claim sales of affordable manufactured homes are rising. Data show 2016 was the seventh consecutive year of growth for this housing sector. However, the way the best manufactured homes dealers sell new manufactured homes has not changed much. Some still feature short loan terms and high interest rates, which can turn a good deal into an expensive one.

Experts in manufactured homes prices say that this particular segment of housing is improving in popularity. Statistics show the number of small manufactured homes for sale in the US increased remarkably in the last three years. According to the US Census Bureau, the number of new manufactured homes installed increased significantly over the last few years. Industry experts expect it to rise continually in the coming years.

Pre manufactured homes have grown into a large component of the US housing sector. They are a source of housing for many Americans, especially those who live in rural areas or have low income. Experts say that there are about 6.8 million affordable manufactured homes in the United States.  This comprises about six percent of all housing stock in the nation. In addition, almost half of the best manufactured homes can be found in the southeastern states of the country.

Pre Manufactured Homes – An Affordable Housing Option

Convenience and affordability are the main features of the best manufactured homes. In 2013, the average price of a small manufactured home was about 64,000. When compared to an average of $269,000 dollars for a site-built home, this is quite affordable. However, even though the manufactured homes prices are much affordable, financing these homes may prove expensive.

Small Manufactured Homes
Affordable Housing Option

Most manufactured home dealers can arrange financing for the purchase, but the home will be financed with personal property. This type of loan is referred to as a Chattel loan. The problem with these loans is that they often have short repayment terms and high interest rates. This makes them less beneficial for potential home buyers. In fact, almost 60% of new manufactured home loans in 2013 were “high-cost loans,” meaning they had high interest rates.

The best manufactured homes deliver outstanding performance and quality. Better still, they do so at prices 20 to 30 percent lower per square foot than site-built homes. The flexibility of small manufactured home prices allows many Americans to own their dream home. This affordability is the direct result of the efficiency that arises from the factory building process.

Manufacturers carefully control the climate at their facility where they build their homes. This helps avoid many issues in the traditional home building process. In addition, the workers in these facilities train thoroughly for their jobs. Their expertise helps them avoid any unnecessary delays in their construction of pre manufactured homes—a common issue with unskilled labor.

Flexibility, Efficiency, and Features

The advancement in technology allows manufactured home dealers to offer many styles and finishes that suit the needs of the home buyer perfectly. This will allow cheap manufactured homes to blend in seamlessly in almost any neighborhood. Single family and two story homes are the two latest styles in pre manufactured homes offered by many manufactured home dealers. The improved flexibility in the construction process offered by cheap manufactured homes allows these homes to be customized a lot to suit different needs of buyers.

A home buyer may add many interior feaetures to new manufactured homes. These include fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, and state of the art baths and kitchens. They offer the home buyer an option to enjoy all of the features they might find in site-built homes. Another added advantage of new manufactured homes is the increased energy efficiency that can be achieved by upgrading the fixed level of insulation offered by the manufactured home dealers. Moreover, the best manufactured homes will feature much efficient heating and cooling systems, which offer great savings to the homeowner; however, upgrading the insulation and HVAC systems of small manufactured homes could add to the overall manufactured homes prices, making the cheap manufactured homes not so cheap.

Manufactured home dealers and builders will also benefit from the economic scale that arises, as they are able to buy large quantities of building products and raw materials for pre manufactured homes, which in turn helps in cutting down the final manufactured homes prices. This will help the manufactured home dealers negotiate the lowest possible prices for the items they require to offer the best manufactured homes. In fact, many reports on small manufactured homes show that this housing segment remains one of the largest sources of non-subsidized housing in the United States.

Certification Ensures Quality

Pre Manufactured Homes
HUD Standards And Procedures

Before the pre manufactured homes leave the factory, builders provide each home with a numbered certification label affixed to the exterior of the home. This label certifies that the home has been inspected in accordance with the various HUD standards and procedures set by the state and federal authorities. The certification labels on manufactured homes assure the buyer that experts inspect their home thoroughly, from design through to construction.

The label also assures potential home buyers that builders construct pre manufactured homes in compliance with HUD regulations and standards. This is why inspectors affix the certification label to the home only after all inspection parties achieve satisfaction.

More and more buyers are now turning to EnergyStar-certified small manufactured homes as these homes offer substantial savings to the homeowner. Housing experts claim that the best manufactured homes are those that offer great savings to the owner in owning and operating the home. Design evolution and focus on incorporating latest technologies and quality homes that are affordable as well has become the driving force of the manufactured housing industry.

Manufactured housing has seen much growth in the last few years, particularly in the aesthetic value of these homes. This allows the best manufactured homes to appeal to a broad market. Advancements in construction and transportation technologies have helped manufactured home dealers offer homes with increased ceiling heights. Experts expect manufactured housing will remain affordable for those that need it the most, and that cheap manufactured homes will increase in popularity across the country in the years to come.

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