Moving a Manufactured Home to your Property

Manufactured Homes For Sale
Moving A Manufactured Home

It’s almost time to move into your new manufactured home! But first, you must transport it from the factory to its final location. Load limitations, poor driving conditions, or truck trouble may lead to mishaps in the transport of manufactured homes for sale. A DMV licensed moving company can deliver your home to your property safely, taking precautions before and during the move. However, being the homeowner, you should also take precautions by hiring licensed movers with certified trucks. In fact, you can seek the help of a sheriff, dealer, or trailer park owner with experience transporting manufactured homes. A moving company can acquire moving permits for you. After delivery, they hand the modules over to a licensed GC to complete their on-site assembly.

How To Prepare For A Smooth Move

You should seek permits from your local municipality for zoning, gas, electrical, and HVAC and sewage systems. In the case of manufactured homes for sale, it happens quickly that you have little time to get permits so better ensure that the move is permitted in the area. Else, check for better properties elsewhere midway through the sale.

Some places such as Michigan, for instance, have module-wise size restrictions and speed limits as well when someone moves a trailer to the property through highways. The roof overhangs must be of a certain size to fit into the truck; the speed should not exceed 45 miles per hour to keep module fitness. The towing truck should withstand the weight comfortably and truck must have dual wheels in Michigan. The towed home moving rules exist elsewhere too with slight exceptions that serve licensed intentions.

It is said that some moving companies tend to help homeowners connect the utilities to a home property, whereas others would instruct you to hire plumbers and electricians who connect the same. Once the manufactured homes for sale get over, and the modules get placed safely in a temporary location, call a licensed plumber instantly. The plumber would get permits to connect home utilities on your behalf, but the move to buy the HUD coded and certified green home should come from you.