Steps for Installing Cabinets in an Old Manufactured Home

Manufactured Home
Manufactured Home Cabinets

When one purchases a manufactured home, the upgrades are made in the immediate future or after a period of time when savings become more important in the family. The usual home upgrades include adding solar panels, using radiant heat down the floor, or placing cabinets in a given space at e home.

Cabinets save up space and give additional storage options to a homeowner inside the kitchen. Below are steps for installing cabinets in an old manufactured home.

Make a Blueprint

Home additions begin with devising a blueprint for mounting the cabinets at home. First up, draw the given space inside the kitchen on a paper, decide the type of cabinets you want, and where they shall be mounted. If you mount cabinets inside the manufactured home kitchen, you measure the width of kitchen appliances, the kitchen alignment, and as to how they influence storage space.

Measure Up

You should drive space on the walls and leave some space to place the cabinet before measuring the wall. The blueprint drawn earlier would provide you with measurements. Now follow the measurements on the blueprint and mark the places where the cabinets should be placed. If you happen to notice any ill fits at the time of measuring, check the blueprint again to see if the cabinet measurements are correct.

Mount Upper Cabinets

Use studs to mount the empty upper cabinets, and only then place the lower cabinets beneath the manufactured home kitchen. In addition, use a carpenter’s leveler to mount the cabinets as per order, and clamps to hold the cabinet tightly.

Carefully Mount Lower Cabinets

Once the upper cabinets are leveled on the wall, proceed to install the lower cabinets following the same steps as earlier. Use shims to keep the lower cabinets on an even-keel from the floor to the ceiling. Do this carefully, as not all manufactured home floors and ceilings would have parallel arrangements.

A pre-bought cabinet tends to have a schematic diagram, which serves a blueprint to mount the longer lower cabinets. You could use the schematic diagram given by the cabinet manufacturer to install a lower cabinet or follow the manufactured design on CAD software for the same.