How to Keep Rats Out of your Manufactured Home

Manufactured Home
Keeping Rats Out

Rats can be a big nuisance unless they are your pet. These creatures are notorious disease carriers and were responsible for the plague that almost wiped Europe. They can also destroy things in your manufactured home and may cause electric issues and fires when they gnaw on the electric wires.

Signs That Indicate you Have a Rat Problem

You can look for the telltale signs to find if there are rats in your house. These creatures love to gnaw on wood. So you can look for gnaw marks on doorframes and other wooden surfaces.

Another sign is the dropping; if you find rat droppings in your home, you can make sure that there are rats in your home. In addition to that, if you listen keenly, you will be able to hear rats rustling and scurrying behind the walls.

Causes of Rat Infestation

You might be wondering why rats choose your manufactured home. Rats and rodents are attracted to garbage cans, open bags of food, compost bins, and other things. If they are able to find a comfortable source of food, they will start to inhabit in your home.

When the rats are inside your home, they will be attracted to spilled food items on the kitchen countertops, bags and boxes of cereals, garbage cans, etc. They can take residence in areas like attics, insulation, behind cabinets, basements, and furnaces.

Getting Rid of Rats

There are many methods to get rid of rats from your home, but you should make the choice considering the safety of people and pets living in the home. If you have kids or pets in your home, the safest idea can be to set a trap. Rat poison cannot be used as your pets may eat the poison and can that be dangerous to them.

Different varieties of rattraps are available in the market and the standard snap traps can be a good and cheap option. There are also glue boards available in the market. These are thin slabs made of cardboard or wood covered in extremely sticky glue. Rats will get glued to the bard when they run across it and will starve to death.

There are also multi catch traps that can catch more than one rat at the same time. These traps do not kill the rats but will catch and trap them and you will be left with a trap filled with live rats to take care of.