General Exterior Repairs Found in Pre Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Home
General Exterior Repairs

Manufactured homes require adequate maintenance just like a conventional site-built home. This is particularly the case with the exterior of the home since it is constantly subjected to the changing weather elements. Repairing and maintaining the exterior part of the home is crucial for the safety and the weatherproof features of the components.

For pre manufactured homes, the upkeep of the exteriors will aid in prolonging the life of the home while also creating value in resale. Below are some of the major areas to undertake repairs and maintenance in a manufactured home.


The roofing of a manufactured home is subjected to many of the changing weather conditions and is therefore prone to many damages. Any cracks in the roofing material can cause the buildup of water in its interiors that can eventually damage the material. The best way to detect any such issues with the roof is by looking for leaks or stains in the ceiling.

Undertake a thorough inspection of the roofing material for detecting any cracks, holes, loosened material, or soft spots. If you find some, consider repairing them or replacing them entirely with the guidance of a qualified home contractor or repairperson.


The siding is another crucial exterior component that is prone to many repairs. Keeping the siding in tip-top shape is vital, considering the appeal it provides to the entire home and the protection it offers from the weather elements. In addition, a damaged siding can render the value of the home to decrease, thereby enabling buyers to look for other better housing options.

Inspect the siding material to detect any rot, holes, stains, or waviness. Fully replace the material or consider installing a vinyl siding over the existing siding if any such issues are found.


Keeping the underside of manufactured homes in good condition is necessary for the safety and efficient functioning of the home. Remove the skirting and carry out an inspection on the underside of the home. Since most of the utilities such as HVAC ducts, pipes, insulation, etc., are situated in the underside, there is a possibility that they are weakened.

Replace the underside components if found any weakened ones. Secure the insulation and wrap heat tapes around the water pipes to prevent the underside of the home from getting frozen.