Changing Vinyl Walls in a Manufactured Home

Manufactured Home
Changing Vinyl Walls

Paving the vinyl walls puts dibs on to your new manufactured homes for sale prospect since they are lightweight and water repellent. However, old-looking vinyl walls tear off the water repellent coating gradually, mandating the need for fresh paint. Bathrooms, in particular, use glossy looking vinyl coated walls mainly for home décor.

Before painting your vinyl walls, it is advisable to know about the current trends employed in new manufactured homes for sale. Do contractors use glossy paint on battens or do they prefer light paints to wall strips? Fortunately or unfortunately, the light vinyl used in a kitchen area may not necessarily compensate looks in a bathroom. So here are some precautionary methods that homeowners need to implement while repainting pre manufactured homes.

Prewashing for Applying Paint

There is a saying: “Primers and paints do not stick on dirty walls, especially in a kitchen area.” Why kitchen? These are the places where walls get pale by cooking residue and particles, in turn mandating prewash using detergents. Therefore, every inch of the vinyl wall should be neat and clean before you wipe off the water for applying dry paint, primer, or a combination of both.

Use Novel Paint Rollers

To get the uniform results everywhere on the wall as you have planned, a paint roller of the highest quality is recommended. Rollers and brushes consume paint proportionately and transfer the same to the walls intended for repainting. In this respect, it is better to use rollers that are fresh instead of cleaning an old roller with kerosene agents.

Light Coating or Heavy Coating?

Both types of coating leave an impact on your vinyl wall, so the best type of coating that fits your manufactured home décor shall be opted. General contractors would advise several layers of light coating instead of going all at once heavy, mainly for fast and optimal drying.

Technicians dealing with ancillary home renovation products know it best what sticks on vinyl walls. Contractors of a manufactured home, however, use different types of coating on a vinyl wall such as dual-layer alkyd, semi-gloss enamel, oil primer, and dual-layer flat oil paint. Stick to one contractor having the technical nous regarding the do’s and don’ts of manufactured homes for sale. Remember, you can afford to change the paint as needed, but not the contractor.