When Repainting your Manufactured Home

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Manufactured Home Repainting

Builders use light color textures and bright color paints to make exteriors attractive. Usually, three possibilities occur to homeowners when repainting:

  • Retaining the same paint color
  • Using discordant colors
  • Getting confused with paint combinations

The wall surface plays a key role in determining the way to paint best manufactured homes. Some sidewalls have layers of latex as the paint. On wood, acrylic paints are generally used. Another option to consider while repainting is the amount of moisture on the sidewalls.

Types of Exterior Finishes

  • Flat surface camouflages imperfections, is durable, but it gets soiled easily.
  • Satin would need dual shades.
  • Gloss finishes are the toughest to maintain.

Best manufactured homes are painted to perfection in all parts including the windows, porches, as well as the enclosures and fixtures.

Painting the Vintage Aluminum Siding

Based on the state of Aluminum sidewalls, some preps would be needed before you repaint. Check out for missing screw if any, as Aluminum panels have nail holes in all nooks and corners on the old manufactured homes. In addition, check if the paints have torn off due to wear and tear.

Maintaining Vinyl Sidewalls

Detergents may fit, but powder washer washes the sidewalls well. Do keep in mind that the surface in even the best manufactured homes is as good as the paint on top. If gaps exist, use surface-savvy adhesive to close them. Moreover, priming the vinyl walls is essential when there is excess moisture. This is because vinyl walls tend to develop mildew, which invites maintenance of sorts.

The Primed Walls are Coated

Aluminum and vinyl walls use 100 percent acrylic primers as the coating. Wooden walls do well with oil varnish or latex-based primer. However, painting the primed walls depends on the coating on the exterior including the sidewalls.

General contractors use extensive plans to paint manufactured homes. Giving homeowners the perfect sendoff is the duty of contractors in a way. Obviously, a perfectly painted exterior would increase the value of a manufactured home. However, giving in to repainting tasks is worthwhile for the homeowners too.