Ways to Convert Manufactured Homes into Smart Homes

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Smart Manufactured Homes

The many benefits offered by the best manufactured homes make them an ideal choice for living. Increased customization options are one such worthy feature of manufactured homes that makes them different from conventional housing. This feature of remodeling is what makes them a truly future ready living option, like a smart home.

Smart homes are the new step in home automation, and have captured a significant portion of the housing market. Their automation features along with connectivity options for smartphones and other devices have made it highly favorable option among consumers.

Converting an ordinary manufactured home into a smart home does not require any extensive renovation works either, and is affordable as well. In addition, all the best manufactured homes have the necessary foundations for incorporating smart home features. The following are some of the ways to convert your manufactured home into a smart home.

USB Power Outlet

USB power outlets are a true smart home addition that you should seek to include in your home. They resolve the issue of limited power outlets available in a home for charging various devices like smartphones or cameras. USB power outlets have several USB ports, along with normal electrical outlets. Furthermore, you can easily install them with USB adapters that plug into standard outlets, without any major makeover to the existing electrical outlets.

WiFi Extension

In order to qualify as a smart home, it is necessary to have a strong WiFi network across all the rooms of your home. Investing in a power line networking plug is one easy technological improvement that will turn your manufactured home into a smart home. It can be plugged into any power outlet and then connected with an Ethernet cable for extending the WiFi signal across your entire home.

Remote Monitoring System

Remote monitoring systems continue to be one of the most essential features of smart homes. The availability of many monitoring systems in the market makes it easy to convert your manufactured home into a smart home. Finally, they enable you to monitor your entire home using a smartphone, thereby enhancing your security.

Smart Lighting

Smart lights provide the option of remotely controlling the lights in your home using a smartphone or tablet. You can also program them, and easily install them with any standard power outlet. In this way, you can make your manufactured home a smart home.

Programmable Thermostats

The inclusion of programmable thermostats will convert your manufactured home into an even advanced smart home. They provide the options for setting the temperatures at different times and come in many variants from simple to advanced systems.