How Manufactured Home Plumbing Differs From that of Site-Built Homes

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Are there any differences between the plumbing system of manufactured homes and that of site-built homes? Yes, there are some significant differences in the plumbing system of manufactured and site-built homes and these differences are caused by the method of manufacture.

Mobile and manufactured homes are not built to the same standards of as the site-built homes, as there are different regulations for manufactured home construction. An important factor that adds to the appeal of mobile homes is affordability. Therefore, some of the old mobile homes might have used materials that are on the lower end of quality and costs. However, this is not the case with new mobile homes that are built from good quality materials.

Understanding the differences between manufactured houses and site-built home plumbing can help you deal with simple plumbing issues in manufactured homes. Some of the notable differences in the plumbing system of site-built and manufactured homes are explained below.

Plumbing System Differences

An importance difference between the plumbing systems in manufactured homes and site-built homes is the piping material used. Most of the manufactured homes use plastic pipes in place of copper water pipes that are used in site-built homes. Plastic pipes that are not approved to be used in site-built homes were approved for mobile home use. However, some types of these plastic pipes are prone to get leaks with age.

Note that modern manufactured homes use PEX or CPVC pipes that can last as long as copper pipes. Therefore, while checking out old manufactured homes for sale, make sure to check that the home is re-piped with the new style of pipes.

Another important difference in the plumbing system of manufactured homes is the location of the pipe and the way they are spread across the home. In manufactured homes, the water lines will not come out of the walls, as is the case with site-built homes. Instead, these lines will come up from the floor of manufactured homes.

While trying to change the plumbing fixtures of manufactured homes, you should keep the pipe location in mind. You will need to allow enough space for the water pipes to come up while installing sink cabinets. In addition, you will have to use straight stop valves in place of angle stop valves while connecting the water lines in manufactured homes.