Guess Where New Prefabricated Homes Are Built

Pre Manufactured Homes
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Many factors differentiate the pre manufactured home projects from the site-built homes, despite the fact that both are permanent fixes. Let us explore each factor from the unforeseen perspective of a homebuilder.

Permission for Site Access

Site-built home construction takes place on the property so no bother searching for a permit after construction. However, before placing separate pre manufactured home modules on a factory, you should verify the viability of land. If the home is going to be surrounded by power lines and static structures, you must consider new land or ask for a permit.

Quality of Output

In stark contrast to pre manufactured homes, site-built homes incur more onsite work under variable weather conditions. You could accurately predict the quality of output, given the fact that prefab homes are conceived by designers and built by modular home manufacturers using an assembly line. No weather is going to hamper the quality of output in an enclosed factory.

Supervising Convenience

Site-built requires pre-occupation of property and involves more labor supervising. The time involved in constructing a pre manufactured home is obviously lesser than that needed for site-built home. The longer the construction process, the merrier would be the expenses. In the case of prefab, petty expenses are reduced to within the office, not off it, which makes the supervisor’s job rather convenient.

Architectural Freedom

Pre manufactured homes are tailor-made as per the buyer needs and the customizations are decided from the factory itself. The architectural freedom is more in site-built homes, for the buyer may interfere even in between construction. Being a prefab homebuyer, you cannot query the builder while the final assembly is in transit. The site-built could be halted even during work in progress.

The final assembly cost is subject to a relative hike depending on the distance involved in the eventual location from factory. The cost of delivery from one region to the other is indicated by the respective regional price indices. You should be shrewd in selecting a property by querying the local authorities regarding requirements to undertake transportation. Oddly enough, most builders, as well as buyers in prefab housing segment, prefer coastal areas.