Eco Friendly Décor Tips for Manufactured Homes

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Eco-Friendly Home

Manufactured homes are getting increasingly popular among buyers and offer numerous benefits to the homeowner. The eco-friendly methods they employ in their construction makes for improved sustainability in the building process.

A study conducted recently estimated that manufactured homes help to reduce approximately 75 percent of the waste generated in the construction. Apart from the greener strategies utilized for construction, manufactured homes offer higher energy efficiency in living too. This has a tremendous positive impact on the environment and comes ahead of time when such practices are used in all kinds of building and housing solutions.

Besides the green construction methods employed, there are other additional means for attaining energy efficiency as well. The décor is one of the best options to consider in making your home more sustainable, along with the added aesthetic appeal it offers. The following are some décor tips for making your manufactured home more eco-friendly and attractive.

Doors and Windows

Windows and doors are the crucial points in your house and serve as entry and exit areas for the weather outside. This can have a definite impact on the energy usage in the heating and cooling systems employed in your home.

Sealing the windows and doors properly will ensure effective insulation for the heating and cooling systems. Installing door panels and window frames made from renewable sources like used aluminum and reclaimed lumber is another effective option than sealing.


Furniture is the most important decor item to consider in enhancing the eco-friendliness of your manufactured home. Using furniture made from sustainable materials like reclaimed timber, fiberglass and scrap is a great way to minimize the dependence on fresh wood or other materials that take a toll on the environment. Such materials are valuable additions for your home interior in promoting eco-friendly practices.


Adopting greener strategies in home décor offer more possibilities in the choices you can make. This is specifically true for the eco-friendly flooring options available for manufactured homes. There is a huge selection of color and texture choices for flooring, which meets the preferences of a wide range of customers. Some alternative options for greener flooring include linoleum, wool carpet, bamboo, hardwood, etc.


When selecting the house paints, it is necessary to check that it never contains any toxic materials. This is important, since many of the paint brands contain toxic materials in their composition. There are many alternative painting options available like paints with no harmful pigments that have the same quality and lasts longer.