Different Types of Windows for Manufactured Homes

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These days, the best manufactured homes and modular homes offer many styles of windows. Windows not only add beauty to the home, but also provide adequate ventilation and lighting. Below, we discuss some of the most common types of windows builders install in manufactured homes. Read ahead to learn more about the type of window you’d like to install in your new manufactured home.

Single Hung

In single hung windows, only the lower lash will be movable. This type of window offers great energy efficiency, and will help you save money on heating and cooling your home. The only shortcoming of this window type is that it only allows you to open the bottom sash for ventilation. Being able to open the top sash is a more practical option for most homeowners.

Double Hung

This type of window has two sashes that you can move up and down to let outside air into your home. The problem with this window model is that there are chances of an air leak at the sashes, as the weather stripping provided on the window cannot be made very tight, to allow the sashes to be moved to open and close the window.


This type of window is very similar to single and double hung windows, but the sash of the window slides horizontally, not vertically. Slider windows will offer a more contemporary appearance to the house and as these windows do not have parts that project out, it will not pose any safety risks.

Fixed Glass

This type of window is used to offer natural lighting to the house, and does not open for ventilation. Typically, builders use these windows in cape chalet home trapezoid windows and two-story homes with glass walls. Fixed glass windows are commonly used in modern modular and manufactured home designs.


This type of window is used mainly in foundation walls to offer ventilation and lighting to the basement of a modular home. Hopper windows use hinges to open, and are a very energy efficient option for manufactured homes. The energy efficiency of the window will depend on the installation of the same. This type of window is available in a variety of sizes, and is often used in the best manufactured homes and modular homes.